Gun crime in the US is some of the highest in the world, but violent crime on the whole isn’t that bad when compared to some countries in Central and South America. However, this becomes a different story when you look at things on a state by state level, as these worst states for crime show.

5. Arkansas

This state has a few major issues that make it a turnoff for anyone looking to move here. Its laws on equality are somewhat archaic, and the same can be said for its views on mental illness. It has a low quality of life, a high rate of mental distress, and a very high crime rate. Throw extreme poverty into the mix and this state is one of the worst to live in the US.

4. Alabama

Not only does it have one of the highest rates of violent crime in the US, but most other types of crime are also higher in Alabama than they are elsewhere. Obesity and poverty is also high here, although things seem to be improving and citizens of this state are seemingly a lot happier and healthier than they have been in recent years.

3. Louisiana

Not only is the state of Louisiana one of the worst for disease, obesity, and other chronic issues, but it is also near the top of the list for property crime, violent crime and petty crime. It’s a hot, polluted state with a troubled history and a high poverty rate. Those things shouldn’t stop tourists from enjoying the beautiful sites and culture that this state has to offer, but it’s certainly going to make them think twice about moving here.

2. New Mexico

Criminal defense attorneys in Albuquerque are reaping the benefits of a rapidly rising crime rate in the state of New Mexico, and its biggest cities in particular. In 2016 it had the second highest rate of violent crime in the US, and in the first half of 2018 there was a drastic rise in homicide rates from the year before.

It ranks high on all crime lists and low on quality of life lists, which is a shame, because there are some glorious parts of this state and it’s also one of the least polluted. But poverty and crime overshadow those positives.

1. Missouri

Missouri has a high rate of violent crime, with a murder rate that seems to be rising year on year and grew by over 10% between 2016 and 2017 alone. There has also been an increase in reports of discrimination and hate crime, with very few laws out there to protect those within the LGBT community, as well as those in minority groups.

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