Wordpress vs Squarespace

In this comparison article, we’ll answer some of your questions about the basics uses for Squarespace and WordPress and review some of the newest features of each. We’ll look at the differences in WordPress vs Squarespace and hear pros and cons from reviewers. We’ll highlight some of the things writers will love and wrap it up the article with our final thoughts.

WordPress vs Squarespace

  1. What is WordPress used for?
  2. Is there a cost to use Squarespace?
  3. What’s different about Squarespace versus WordPress? 
  4. Is Squarespace for blogs?
  5. What’s New in WordPress 4.6

Basics of WordPress vs Squarespace

Closely linked to Automattic and founder Matt Mullenweg and once known as just a tool for bloggers, WordPress has evolved over the years into a full content management system (CMS). WordPress is used by bloggers and professional web designers alike all over the world. Users can browse hundreds of dynamic themes available from WordPress to find one that is sure to please. For those who upgrade from the free service to the self-hosted service, prepare for an annual billing amount as WordPress doesn’t offer a monthly subscription plan.

Squarespace launched over a decade ago with a heavy emphasis on delivering design focused, visually stunning websites with the ease of a drag and drop website builder. Website owners can use Squarespace to tweak designs on their site without needing to worry about code. Squarespace has over a million paying customers at monthly subscription rates ranging from $16 for a personal website to $40 for an advanced site with e-commerce functionality for online stores.

Squarespace vs WordPress Features: What’s New in 2017?

A WordPress 4.7.2 security release became available in January of 2017 for all previous versions of WordPress. The security release addressed several issues with vulnerability with plugins and themes, with cross-site scripting, and other areas. WordPress also offers a ton of new dynamic themes for 2017 so if your blog has been on hiatus for a bit or you haven’t explored WordPress as an option for your blog or author website, give it a look.

Squarespace is offering a 10% offer code discount on any plans when you do your first upgrade or make your first purchase. Just use the Code: WBE when prompted during the checkout process. You’ll save more money if you use the code to purchase an annual subscription but it will work on the monthly subscription plans as well it’s just your savings won’t be quite as big.

WordPress vs Squarespace: Side by Side

The major difference between WordPress versus Squarespace is WordPress is a publishing platform or content management system whereas Squarespace is a website builder. Squarespace is not open source, and therefore they rely on staff developers to create tools and templates for users.

The benefit to Squarespace is that tools and templates are more secure than on open source platforms. Squarespace templates and tools have been tested and monitored before release so you can be more certain things will function as intended. You also don’t have to even think about updates or conflicts because everything is distributed automatically to your site. The downside to this is less flexibility to customize components if you have unusual needs.

WordPress comes in two levels, WordPress.com which is fully hosted and takes care of all of the behind the scenes stuff for you and WordPress.org which is self-hosted and you have complete control and responsibility for all of the behind the scenes activities. All the code is open for users to customize if they choose since WordPress is open source.

Developers and programmers can create templates and other tools to sell to less experienced WordPress users or share them for free as they wish. Open source code is great for flexibility and customization because with enough developer experience the sky really is the limit on what you can do. The downside to this is that you are responsible for making sure your site is updated and backed up properly. In addition, open source code can be more susceptible to hacks and compatibility issues.

WordPress vs Squarespace: What Reviewers Say

Squarespace vs WordPress

Reviewers rave about the beautiful templates and styling options available from Squarespace. Account users of Squarespace can take advantage of live chat and email support 24/7 for any issues with their website. Squarespace offers unlimited bandwidth and storage, designs optimized for mobile devices, powerful analytics for each website, and a free custom domain name for subscribers who choose the annual plan.

Reviews on WordPress are mixed. As a content management system (CMS), bloggers seem to love it. The blog editor is one of the best, there are sophisticated and modern themes both free and premium available. With WordPress, you can add categories, featured images, tags, and even edit the URL of posts.

Posts aren’t limited to text and can be anything. WordPress offers a variety of options for its comment moderation platform. WordPress doesn’t offer e-commerce other than through 3rd party vendors so for those who anticipate needing e-commerce options, find a website builder, such as Squarespace that offers an integrated solution.

WordPress vs Squarespace for Writers

Squarespace gives you the option of using their templates and page setup to simply swap in your own images and text or completely design and build your pages from scratch as you prefer. Writers will love that Squarespace doesn’t require you to know any code at all to produce a stunning website.

Squarespace also gives you complete control over your author website, from font style and size to colors and background images so you can truly represent your book and your brand in a professional way. With the website builder and a 14-day free trial, you can completely build your website in just one day if you wanted to do so.

WordPress offers over 20 different themes that writers will love. Each of them offers the option to turn your website into a visual feast for the eyes with options for albums, galleries, unique fonts, and even quill and ink icons. Whether you’re a professional blogger, an aspiring fiction author or a screenwriter, there’s sure to be a theme that suits your style.

With WordPress.org and WordPress.com, writers can have as much or as little control over their website design and look as they want. The learning curve and time investment to getting a website up and running are bit steeper than with Squarespace but well worth the extra time spent.

Summary of WordPress vs Squarespace

Deciding between WordPress vs Squarespace won’t be a simple choice. Your final decision will depend upon several factors including the amount of experience you have with code, the kind of control over the design you want, and how much time you have to spare for managing behind the scenes tasks such as backups, security updates, and design changes.

Make sure that you do your research into both of these options and others that are available and take any future expansions you might want into consideration. Your website, whether you choose Squarespace or WordPress, will directly reflect the time you put into your decision.

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