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You probably knew that the US wasn’t the best county to work in. Sure, it’s often called the greatest country on Earth, but if you go to Russia, Japan or the UK they say the same things about those countries as well and all of them can’t be right.

We have already looked at the highest and lowest wages in countries worldwide, but now it’s time to put workers’ rights, benefits and more under the microscope to see which country is the best for an employee and where the United States sits on this list.

The Best Country to Work in

European countries dominate the list of the best ten countries to work in. When you factor in wages, working conditions, holidays, rights and more, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium all score in the top three, followed by countries like Norway and Sweden, which also score highly in pretty much every other category.

The reason Spain tops the list is because they have a shorter working week than many other countries, allowing for more time off and supporting workers with maternity and paternity, among other things.

The Worst Country to Work in

As far as regions go, the worst countries for workers’ rights are all in North Africa and the Middle-East. Countries like Iraq, Syria and Yemen are high on these lists, although there is general collapse of law and order because of the recent wars in these regions and that is a major part of the problem.

Elsewhere, Nigeria and Zimbabwe also score highly as some of the worst countries for workers. The ones at the very top of the list, however, include Bangladesh, Colombia and Egypt, where workers have very few rights, very little say and no chance of making good pay.

The Philippines is also near the top of the list, as is Qatar, which is known for exploiting immigrant workers and foreign companies and has gone all-out in recent years as they prepare for the 2022 World Cup. Also in the top ten is South Korea, which is a somewhat surprising addition when you consider how rich and seemingly advanced this country is.

The Most Popular Country to Work in

Here in the US, we have things pretty good for the most part. There are workers’ compensation lawyers, unfair dismissals, workplace injuries, unions and more to protect employees. This is why it is such a hotbed for immigration, with many flooding into the country from poorer neighboring countries to take advantage of the higher pay.

The working conditions may not be great and they are even worse for many immigrants, who are forced to endure diabolical conditions, but because of it’s proximity to so many poor countries and it’s status as the richest country in the world, that influx continues.

It’s a similar story with Russia, who are second to the US on the list of countries with the highest immigration. Third is Germany, who generally treat their immigrants very well (there are pockets of fascism, but you find these despicable assholes everywhere you go) and they are followed by Saudi Arabia.

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