There are more cars on the roads that ever before, with the average American household owning at least two of them and the average adult driving at least one. They are cheaper, more available, easier to drive, and if the reduced traffic fatalities are anything to go by then they are also much safer.

But while the cars are getting better and the serious accidents and fatalities are getting fewer, traffic violations that result in tickets and fines are higher than ever, taking money from millions of American drivers every single year.

For some Americans the problem has gotten so bad that they need to hire a traffic ticket lawyer to deal with the issue for them. But the majority of the others are minor, as this list of the most common traffic violations and tickets show.

The Most Common Traffic Violations and Tickets

1. Breaking the Speed Limit

This is one of the biggest issues on US roads, as speeding endangers the lives of every other driver on the road. Of the 35,000 or so road traffic deaths that occur every year, it is estimated that around 8,000 to 12,000 are directly the result of speeding.

This is something to keep in mind the next time you put your foot down to shave a few minutes off your journey. Speeding isn’t the only risk on the road and going the speed limit isn’t going to guarantee your safety, but it can certainly increase your chances of staying safe.

Speeding not only increases the chance of losing control of the car, but it decreases visibility and reaction time and means you’re always one small mistake or hiccup away from complete catastrophe.

2. Failing to Stop at a Light

This is another big issue, and one that can cause serious accidents at the lights. Not only are other drivers at risk but pedestrians are also at risk whenever someone drives through a red light. The majority of these issues are the result of momentary oversights and only a small percentage of those who fail to stop at a light actually do it intentionally, but in any case the risk is high and the damage could be serious.

3. Switching Lanes and Not Using a Signal

On the highway with everyone doing high speeds, someone who doesn’t abide by the laws of the road can put themselves and everyone else in serious danger. This violation barely results in any serious infringement if they are caught, but if they are not careful or other drivers are not on full alert, it could lead to a traffic accident.

4.Not Obeying Laws with Pedestrians and School Buses

Traffic laws in many states insist that a driver must stop if they are approaching a school bus that has stopped and is showing flashing red lights. This law, and the one that says drivers need to give pedestrians the right of way, is one of the most commonly broken traffic laws in the country.

5. Not Wearing a Seatbelt

This is one of those rare traffic laws that seems like a no brainer, yet it is so often broken. The difference between wearing a seatbelt and not wearing one can literally be life or death in an accident, with the odds of survival much greater if you are wearing it. However, it’s one that so many people break, putting their lives at risk in the process and also landing themselves a fine and a ticket.

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