The terms listed on this page describe the operations of Versus-All and its employees, in reference to the needs and the actions of its readers.

The name of the site will be used to refer to Versus-All and its owners and operators. The terms “We” and “This Site” also refer to the site and everyone involved with it; the terms “you” and “your” are used to refer to the readers of this page and this site in general.

General Information

Versus-All is a content site that does not sell a product or a service. This site does use affiliates and advertising in order to generate an income, but does not require any sensitive personal information or financial information from its readers. Therefore, this information will never be requested.

Should a user see a request beyond what has been described in our Privacy Policy, they should proceed with caution. The requests may come from an affiliate, in which case readers should practice due diligence, because Versus-All can not accept responsibility for anything that happens between a reader and an affiliate.

Copyright and Trademark Information

The writers, editors and researchers on Versus-All work very hard to create all of this content and to make sure it is entertaining. As a result, we take plagiarism very seriously and do not tolerate it on any level. Anyone found using this content without the permission of Versus-All and its owners may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

This applies to all unique content found on Versus-All, including written content; artwork; layouts; videos and audio; and anything else found on this site that was created exclusively for it.

If you do wish to use some of the content on this site then you may request permission first. Permission may or may not be granted, but only when it has been granted will we allow legal use of our content.

Cost of Services

The Versus-All website is free to browse and use. There are no paid subscriptions, no paid member areas and no products for sale. If this changes then these terms will change with it.

Versus-All reserves the right to affiliate with companies that offer products and/or services for sales. And although not necessary, we encourage readers to interact with these websites, to see what products they have available and to take a look at their services. It helps to support this site and because we only affiliate with companies we personally recommend, there is usually something worthwhile to uncover.

Third Party Affiliation

Versus-All is a unique content site that provides reviews, comparisons and tongue-in-cheek predictions. This is an entertainment site and one that was created to entertain and to inform, not to sell a product or a service. However, Versus-All may choose to link to other sites that do sell a product and/or a service. In such cases we can accept no responsibility for these sites, their actions or the individual transactions between Versus-All readers and the owners of said websites.

Our affiliation is limited to a link and a basic financial agreement. The same goes for any CPM or CPC schemes that Versus-All may or may not choose to run. These schemes are facilitated by a third-party and not only does Versus-All have no control over what the companies do or how they operate, we have no control over what ads are shown.

Readers are also asked to remember that all of the terms listed herein, as well as those listed on the Privacy Policy page, relate to Versus-All and only to Versus-All. Should a reader leave this site for another they should seek out the terms and the policies on that site as the ones here will no longer apply.


Readers of Versus-All are asked to remember that all of the opinions contained herein are just that: opinions. The view of one Versus-All writer does not reflect the views of the site on the whole, nor does it reflect the views of our affiliates.

These reviews are often written in a light-hearted and satirical manner. We understand that such content may offend, which is why this site should only be viewed by responsible adults.

The language used on the Versus-All may not be suitable for minors, but it may not be picked up by parental security software. Such things are out of our control, but we do ask that adults consider the content of this site before allowing their children to use it. That includes the use of what might be considered “obscene” language, as well as the general themes of war and conflict which appears in a number of articles on this site.

Despite such content, Versus-All is free of anything else that might be considered “mature” or of an adult nature.


We reserve the right to change these terms at any point, should we feel the need to do so. These changes may be small, including minor typographical errors, or they may be substantial, including additions to our affiliations and our services. In either case the users of this site will not be warned about such changes because there is no way for such a warning to be made.

If the changes are substantial then an announcement may be made and this may be posted clearly on the site’s homepage. However, as a site that does not offer anything for sale and does not retain any sensitive information from is customers, this is rarely necessary and only under extreme circumstances will such an effort be made.

If you do not agree with the content on this page, or if you do not agree with any of the changes if and when they are made, then you are invited to close this page down. If so, please Contact Us to let us know what the issue was. We are constantly looking to improve our services and to offer exactly what out customers want. Such information will help us in our endeavors to do this, so we always welcome feedback of this nature.