Google Docs vs Word

In this comparison of Google Docs vs Word, we’ll outline the basics and review some features they have in common. We’ll give you a side-by-side comparison and highlight some reviewer insights on Word versus Google Docs. If you’re a writer, make sure you stick with us to discover the features writers will love in both Google […]

Word vs LaTeX

In this comparison of Word vs LaTeX (pronounced LaTech), we’ll review the features and basics that these programs have in common. We’ll detail a side-by-side look at the differences and share what reviewers find are the highlights of each. If you’re a writer, make sure to check out our section on features you’ll love. We’ll wrap […]

Google Docs vs Office

When it comes to Google Docs vs Office, it’s not an exact comparison. Microsoft Office includes an entire suite of programs under its umbrella including programs such as MS Word for word processing, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentation, Outlook email, and OneNote for note taking. Google Docs vs Office How is Office Different from Google Docs? How Can […]