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Are big cars really safer than small cars? This seems to be a commonly held belief and it’s one of the reasons SUV and pickup sales are climbing every year. But is it true? What happens when we put small cars vs big cars in the safety stakes?

Let’s find out.

New Cars are Always Best

There is a general consensus that older cars are better and safer. They are thought to be work horses, especially in the case of pick-up trucks. But while these cars may last longer than their younger counterparts because of the lack of electronics and complex wires, they are not as safe.

They don’t have the safety features that new cars have, such as airbags for the driver and passenger and carbon fiber designed to react better in the event of a crash. They don’t crumble like paper and are actually much safer than the metal shells that much older, bigger cars have.

But if it’s just new cars we’re talking about then it’s a different story. These are much safer across the board, but size does make a difference.

What do the Stats Say?

As you can imagine, there is a direct correlation between the size of the car and the fatality rate. According to data gathered by the IIHS, deaths per million in cars that were between 1 and 3 years old are higher for small cars than they are in mini cars; higher for midsize cars than they are in small cars; and so on. Cars described as “Very Large” have nearly a third of the fatalities as those described as “Mini” and this trend can be seen in SUVs.

The only exception to this increasing scale of safety is with pick-ups. For whatever reason, large pick-ups were involved in more fatalities per million cars than small ones, and Very Large ones were involved in more than Large ones. This trend is fairly recent, as a decade ago it was in line with the stats quoted above, and may have something to do with these cars increasingly being used for more dangerous purposes, including farm work.

Bigger Cars are Safer

It only make sense. Bigger cars are less at risk in crashes with other big cars, vans and trucks. They provide more impact resistance when hitting stationary objects. Even if they have many of the same safety features installed, the sheer size and bulk means they provide more security.

It only makes sense. They say that the bigger you are the harder you fall and that’s true. But the bigger you are the harder it is to make you fall in the first place and that’s as true for cars as it is for fighters, buildings and pretty much everything else.

If you’re worried about your little car, don’t be. There are a huge number of safety features in all cars these days and with safe driving practices and careful planning you can reduce your risk greatly. Take a look at this Boynton Beach car accident lawyer site to learn more about safety, risk and how it impacts on you as a driver.

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