Most Common Accidents in the Home

They say that most accidents occur in the home, and they are not wrong. We spend a lot of time in our homes, we’re surrounded by potential dangerous chemicals, electronics and staircases, and we often let our guard down.

But what are the most common accidents and how do they occur?

Falling Objects

We have all opened cupboards and had overstocked tins or packets fall on ourselves, and many of us have pulled heavy boxes on ourselves after having a clean-out. These issues are common, but they rarely lead to serious injury unless a child is involved.

Children are inquisitive and playful, but they are also oblivious to harm. They have been known to pull tablecloths—and all of the contents of the table—on themselves. More serious accidents occur when they pull boiling pains on themselves or when they climb bookshelves and bring everything down.

Cuts and Burns

The kitchen is a highly hazardous place for people of all ages. It’s very easy to cut yourself when preparing food, to burn yourself when cooking, or even to be electrocuted when fiddling with kitchen appliances.

These injuries are often minor, but in extreme cases they can lead to excessive bleeding and major scarring.


One of the most dangerous things you can do in the home is eat. Millions of people choke every year and while many of these will only suffer an momentary scare, others will require medical attention and a small percentage will die.

It is not a very pleasant way to go and it can be horrifying to watch and to experience, which is why parents should equip themselves with knowledge on what to do when someone chokes.

Kids are the most at risk and one of the most dangerous foods they can eat is hotdogs. They are responsible for more instances of choking than any other foodstuff, both because they are the perfect size and consistency to cause a blockage and because they are commonly consumed.


We let our guard down in the family home and assume that a lot of the stuff inside it is safe. This applies to foods, medications and household chemicals, all of which have been known to cause thousands of cases of poisoning every year.

The chemicals you spray could cause problems when inhaled, and then you have issues resulting from accidental overdose, medication side effects, rotten food, allergies and more.

Protection Against Injuries in the Home

You can immediately connect with a car accident attorney if you are involved in a car crash, or a workplace lawyer if you are involved in an account in the workplace. At home, however it’s hard to prove that someone else was at fault.

But don’t give-up. You may be able to take up a case against the manufacturers of any product/furniture involved. If not, there could be some claims you can make on your home and contents insurance.

It sounds greedy to immediately look for the money when an accident occurs, but if you are hit with an expensive hospital bill then it could be essential.

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