Google Docs vs Other Free Software

In this comparison of Google Docs vs Other Free Software available in the marketplace that performs similar functions. We’ll introduce you to OneNote versus Google Docs, and we’ll highlight some of the word processing features of iWork versus Google Docs. Stay with us for a side-by-side look at Google Docs vs Pages and to read about what reviewers think about OpenOffice vs Google Docs.

  • Google Docs vs Other Free Software
  • Is Google Docs better than Pages?
  • What is the Difference between OneNote and Google Docs?
  • What is iWork?
  • What is the cost of Open Office?
  • Can I use Google Docs with Sharepoint?

OneNote vs Google Docs: Basics

As you should be aware by now, Google Docs is the word processing app that is a core offering of GSuite powered by Google. OneNote, on the other hand, is a powerful note taking app designed by Microsoft. So, keep in mind there are marked differences in purpose between Google Docs vs OneNote. With that said, let’s take a look at what makes both of these applications so great.

Both OneNote and Google Docs are now available as web-based applications. This makes them available for any device whether it be PC, Mac, or a mobile device like an iOS or Android phone or tablet. With this web-based capability, you can access your work and capture ideas from literally anywhere at any time.

When it comes to creating traditional documents such as letters, research papers, or novels, Google Docs is better suited to the task. But OneNote, especially the full version of OneNote 2013 is so versatile that you can create any kind of document in OneNote and then simply share it or export it as another file format.

OneNote is a powerful note-taking app which operates like an unlimited digital notebook or binder. The full PC version has a range of features, but one of the best is the flexibility to capture notes, research, receipts, or just about any other information and send it to OneNote for later use. OneNote is also keyword searchable which means you can search for something like Walmart and get a list of any Walmart receipts that have been saved.

Google Docs is a dynamic word processing program with great add-ins for increase functioning. If you use Google Docs and OneNote and save both to Google Drive or another cloud storage service, the ability to collaborate and share in real-time is increased.

iWork versus Google Docs: Features for Word Processing

The biggest factor to keep in mind when it comes to iWork versus Google Docs is that iWork is the entire suite of office applications designed for use only on Apple devices such as Mac or iOS mobile devices. The programs included with iWork are Pages for word processing and publishing, Keynote for slide presentations, and Numbers for spreadsheet projects. Google Docs is just one of the core programs in the GSuite of office software powered by Google.

When comparing iWork to Google Docs, an equal comparison would be to look at Pages, the word processing piece of iWork versus Google Docs of Google suite (GSuite). Both Google Docs and Pages in iWork enable you to produce standard documents such as letters, flyers, or a resume. You can download files from Apples Page via iCloud or from Google Docs in all the popular formats including PDF and Word.

Pages versus Google Docs: Side-by-Side

Free Software vs Google Docs
Google Docs features a completely functional voice typing mode. In Pages on a Mac or even Pages via iCloud on a Windows PC, you will need to set up voice recognition on your computer system and train your computer to recognize your voice commands. No need for training in Google Docs. Simply turn on Voice Typing under Tools or use Ctrl+Shift+S.

When it comes to outlining longer documents in Google Docs versus Pages, the Outline Document feature in the tools menu of Google Docs is simple and easy to use. Simply choose the heading you want for each new section. Google Docs automatically creates a hierarchal outline you can use to jump from one section to the next.

In Pages, you can use the format window to choose headings and subheadings for your document, but it didn’t seem to have the same outline feature although reviewers report a similar feature is available in Pages on the Mac.

Both Google Docs and Pages shine when it comes to collaborative work with users on other platforms.

OpenOffice vs. Google Docs: What Reviewers Say in 2017

When it comes to OpenOffice vs Google Docs, there really is no comparison. Writer, the word processing equivalent to Google Docs is sufficient if you are looking for a free software to write simple letters and shorter documents that don’t require dynamic formatting. OpenOffice Writer doesn’t allow for saving to newer file formats, although you can save to .doc.

The spreadsheet software and the database component (Base) of OpenOffice are not as robust; power users will be disappointed. Google Docs is cloud based and thus can be run on any system. Even though it’s not cloud-based, OpenOffice is open source which means it too will run on multiple platforms including Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Google Docs vs SharePoint

In reviewing Google Docs versus SharePoint, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Google Docs is a cloud-based word processing software whereas SharePoint is a private INTRAnet site. Google Docs is useful for just about anyone who needs to create documents.

SharePoint is most useful to groups of people such as employees of a company, members of an organization or non-profit, who need to share multiple documents, projects, or common workflow systems. Google Docs is great for multiple users working on the same document.

Summary Google Docs vs Other Free Software in 2017

Technology has progressed in leaps and bounds over recent years. The ability to not only share documents with others but collaborate in real-time is possible with the right software and storage applications.

If you are still saving and renaming files with version numbers or dates to differentiate between revision versions with editors or with co-workers, it’s time to step into the 21st Century. Google Docs and other free software in 2017 can help you do it without too much anxiety.

Identify your needs for both workflow and storage and then use Google Docs or Pages, OneNote 2016, iWork, or SharePoint, or even a combination of these to supercharge your productivity for your everyday digital projects.

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