Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

If you have a product to sell or a service to flaunt, then you will no doubt have looked at Facebook and Google ads. But which is better? Which offers the most value for money? These are the questions we aim to ask in this Facebook Ads vs Google Ads guide, talking from experience about both of these options.

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

There are a few things we need to take into consideration when comparing these two services. Both of them are used by millions of companies around the world, processing billions of advertising on a weekly basis and promoting all kinds of products and services. To make sure we cover all angles, this Facebook Ads vs Google Ads guide have been broken up into several sections, before we offer our final, summarized point at the end.

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Variety and Accessibility

When you use Facebook Ads your ads will be displayed throughout the Facebook platform and they will also be displayed on Instagram if you choose. It all takes place on one account and it’s easy to use, for the most part anyway.

With Google, there is something similar, only you have a little more choice. You can spend money to launch ads on Youtube and you can also opt for Adwords, getting your ads shown on sites that use Google Adsense and also getting them seen on apps.

In terms of accessibility, we would give this to Facebook simply because the signup process, the managing process and the all-in-one aspect is much easier and makes more sense. However, Google offers a wider spectrum, allowing you to cover all major aspects of online use and doing so in a way that gives your adverts great leverage.

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Price

Both of these services can be expensive, but they can also be cheap if you know what you are doing. We were tempted to call this a split, but one thing threw it and forced us to give it to Google, and that’s the fact that they offer coupons to get you started.

When we first signed up to Google Ads they offered us a free $75 just for spending $25. We’re not special either, as this was offered to everyone who setup an account with them. They have offered other coupons in the past as well and they will likely continue to do this.

Facebook Ads, on the other hand, have never offered us a coupon. In fact, even when we put a lot of money on something that was a mistake, and their mistake at that, they didn’t offer us anything in the form of compensation. We expected better of them and because of that we have to give this one to Google Ads.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Support

There is very little support on Google. In fact, we can safely say that we have never spoken with anyone from Google, whether through email, live chat or phone. That’s despite Adsense, Adwords, Youtube and countless other accounts, and despite having problems that have needed a response.

There is a forum where users will respond to issues, but there are times when you really just need to talk to a real person who actually works for the company. On the one hand, Google is setup to limit problems and we’ve had far fewer here than we have had on Facebook. On the other hand, it’s always good to have someone there who can help should those issues arise.

So, as far as support goes for Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, we have to give it to Facebook. This is not entirely true across the board and you might not get much phone support when you’re setting up a Facebook group or page, but you’ll get it if you spend and that’s the way it should be.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Results

Facebook Ads or Google Ads

This one is really down to you. There problem is that while Facebook offers you better analytics, allowing you to control a number of things and to focus on every aspect of every demographic, it can also be a little more confusing. That’s key because if you get it wrong then you’re wasting money and you’re not getting the results you need.

There are few things worse as a publisher than to know that you are spending a fortune on ads that are either not reaching the right people or are not generating the right leads. Facebook is also more mistake prone.

When we first used it, we would use the “Boost Post” option on the post itself. There are not as many options here as when you use the “Create an Ad” option in your Ad Account. When we first used the “Boost Post” we set everything up and put down thousands of dollars, targeting specific regions and likes. Everything checked out and everything was okay.

What we didn’t realize was that everything was resetting as soon as the ad was live and unless we changed this after it was live, then the ad was automatically going to default. In the end, we ended up wasting a small fortune basically showing the same ad to friends of the page over and over again.

These mistakes are not plentiful on Facebook, but they exist and they shouldn’t. On Google, however, they are not there. As far as getting leads goes, both offer a great return for your money if you are able to learn the program and set your ads correctly, but neither will do the hard work for you.

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Best Overall

This is a close one but in the end it comes down to the major victories. So, while Facebook Ads get a huge tick for its support, with Google struggling in the background somewhere, Google Ads takes the plaudits when it comes to variety and price, two major factors that ensure it takes the top spot for us.

So, when it comes to Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, it’s the former that wins for us. Sure, there are merits to both of these and if you have a decent budget then there is no reason why you can’t consider both of them. But if you want to stick with one and you have a product/service that doesn’t focus on social media, then you might want to stick with Google ads.

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