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If you believe your television screen, the Southern United States is filled with men who beat their spouses, right? The men walk around wearing their tank top tees and some torn jeans, just waiting for the next reason to give their spouses something to be sorry about.

That’s not entirely accurate, but there’s some truth behind the stereotype. Let’s make one thing clear. A full third of the writers for Versus All live in the Southern United States. None have ever committed domestic violence. But it turns out that there is a difference between domestic violence in Northern US vs Southern US. Let’s take a look.

Domestic Violence in Northern US vs Southern US

One of every three women killed in the United States is killed by her spouse or domestic partner. That’s an insanely high number.

Add this statistic to the mix – the leading cause of death of pregnant women is murder.

So those are some pretty chilling stats, but how does geography affect a woman’s chances of becoming one of this number?

First of all, Alaska has the highest rate of domestic murder. But Alaska is an outlier, perhaps because of its lax gun laws. In the rest of the country, the further south you travel, the more likely you are to become a victim.

There is most certainly a difference between domestic violence in Northern US vs Southern US.

United States Domestic Violence Statistics

Domestic violence is a very present reality in the United States. Here are a few statistics to give you a better picture.


  • In the US, 20 people are abused by a domestic partner every
  • One of every 7 women have been stalked by a domestic partner. One in every 18 men have experienced the same.
  • Those who have a gun in the house are five times more likely to become a victim of homicide.
  • One out of every five women have been raped. One in every 71 men have been raped. Almost half of these rapes were committed by an acquaintance or a partner.


Pretty staggering, huh? And it’s important to remember that these are only the reported cases. There are a multitude of reasons why someone wouldn’t report abuse. Fear of partner, fear of public shame and other reasons top the list. And men are less likely to report abuse or rape than women are.

So how are the statistics different between the Northern and Southern parts of the United States? Let’s check it out.

Violent Crime in the Southern vs Northern US

Over 40% of violent crimes committed in the United States take place in the South. Like Alaska, gun ownership is more relaxed, and the presence of a gun increases the probability of violence.

Poverty is an indicator of crime. That crime includes domestic violence. The South is demographically “poorer” than other parts of the United States; in particular, Mississippi, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama and Arkansas are prone to poverty.

Another interesting link to violent crime is the weather. Hotter temperatures make one more prone to violence, so it naturally follows that domestic violence in northern US vs southern US would be different.

Finally, the South’s culture of violence isn’t just a stereotype. There are “good ol’ boy” codes of honor as well as much racial divide and the charged atmosphere is a catalyst for domestic violence.

In a nutshell, if you live in the South, you’re more likely to become a victim of domestic violence. If this is the case, please seek out law enforcement right away. Then, hire an attorney to assist you. There are many who specialize in domestic violence cases. For example, this Albuquerque domestic violence lawyer can help you navigate not only injuries, but also stalking and harassment.

No matter where you live, please take steps to keep yourself safe.

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