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Religions are loaded with stereotypes. If you’re not religious there’s a good chance that you have a specific idea of someone who is and if you’re of a certain religious perspective then there’s an equally good chance that you perceive people of other religions to be of a certain way.

For the most part, these sterotypes are simply not true. It takes all sorts to make the world and it doesn’t matter what religion they are. But there are a few areas in which stereotypes are true, including marriage. Your religion plays a major role in the odds that you will get divorce, as discussed below.

Catholic Divorce Rates vs Protestant Divorce Rates

Catholics have one of the lowest divorce rates of all organic religions, which probably won’t come a much of a surprise. According to one study there was a 28% divorce rate in catholics. Protestants are generally thought to be a little more open with their beliefs and this might explain why their divorce rate is 33%. It’s higher, but at the same time it’s not much higher than you might expect.

Muslims Divorce Rate vs Catholic and Protestant

The divorce rate for Muslims is 31%, which is quite a bit lower than those who do not follow an organized religion (as discussed below) and is somewhere in between catholics and protestants. This may come as a surprise to many non-Muslim readers who perceive this religion to be a little less tolerant of divorce than others, but in reality it’s a lot like catholicism in the sense that it is frowned upon, but it still happens and there are still laws in place to facilitate it.

Jewish Divorce Rates Versus Others

Those who subscribe to the jewish faith are more likely to divorce than catholics, but less likely than muslims and protestants. The divorce rate is 30%, which puts them just above catholics and if we expand the study size and account for all countries, it’s highly likely that these numbers would be closer and even reversed. Even regions play a big role in this and the US is a perfect example. You will like find lower rates of divorce amongst catholic and christian populations in highly religious southern states than you would in California, but these stats certainly give us an idea.

Religions Versus Non-Religious Divorce Rates

You are 35% more likely to get divorced if you are not religious than you are if you followed the protestant religion and even more than if you were catholic. This is a considerably larger difference than the ones mentioned above and means that we can categorically say that couples who follow an organized religion have a greater chance of staying together than those that do not.

Divorce: A Growing Issue

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