Over 30,000 people die on US roads every year and over 5 million are involved in a crash. That means that over 1.5% of the population will be involved in an accident each year, with higher percentages in states like Wyoming.

They are some pretty shocking figures we’re sure you’ll agree, but the US is nowhere near one of the most dangerous countries in the world where car accidents are concerned.

5. Swaziland

Swaziland doesn’t seem as bad as some others on this list at first glance. It’s not as overpopulated or chaotic, but as any small town police officer will tell you, the most dangerous roads are the backroads. They are poorly maintained, have little visibility, and attract high-speed, reckless driving. That’s exactly the issue that this country has, with many smaller roads and a huge issue with reckless driving.

4. Sudan

The African nation of Sudan has had a lot of major issues to contend with in recent decades and dangerous driving is not at the top of its list, but it’s still a staggering fact to note that there are 36 deaths per 100,000 people in this country.

There are very few tourists in Sudan these days so they aren’t there to inflate the numbers with their limited experience, but the locals are more than reckless enough to make up for that.

3. Iran

Iran has a number of issues on its roads, with drivers and civilians coming to serious harm every single day. The roads are chaotic even at the best of times, with fast and reckless driving leading to serious pile-ups and civilian collisions. It’s not a safe place to be, but it’s also not even close to having the most dangerous roads in the world.

2. Thailand

As any tourist will tell you, driving in Thailand is a nightmare. You could be forgiven for thinking that it was disorganised chaos, but it’s not, it’s just chaos. Tourists who choose to drive or ride a bike are often the vicim of accidents and there is a huge percentage of tourists suffering everything from minor scrapes and bumps to death every week.

1. Namibia

We’ve written about a lot of facts and figures here on Versus All, including facts about everything from car accident lawyers in Augusta, GA to personal injury stats and more. But few have surprised us as much as this one: there are 45 deaths for every 100,000 people in Namibia.

It’s not just death either. There are a staggering number of accidents, ranging from simple scrapes and bumps resulting from overpopulated roads, to punctured tyres from poorly laid roads. It seems that if you’re on the road for more than a few hours a day and don’t have at least 1 incident a week then you’re incredibly lucky.

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