4 Countries Vying to Become Future Superpowers

The United States has been a leading superpower for over a century now, but if you go back a few hundred years they were a nothing country struggling to make themselves heard. The might of Egypt, Athens, Sparta, Persia, Rome, the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire—they all rose and fell, becoming superpowers and then losing […]

Three Fastest Rising Economies in the World

The United States is by far the biggest economy in the world and has been for a number of decades. If you look further down the list of big economies you’ll see many other countries that have always been there, including the biggest economies in Europe. But China is the exception to this, having worked […]

Snorkeling in the US vs Other Countries

  When you think of snorkeling and SCUBA you automatically think of the Caribbean, Australia, or the Maldives. You definitely don’t think of the coast of the United States. It’s close to home, it lacks the clarity and the warmth of the Caribbean and, quite frankly, it’s just not exotic. Or at least that’s what […]

Economy of California vs Rest of World

  The state of California is the richest in the United States, helping to prop-up the US economy and putting many small nations to shame. But just how does it compare to other states, how would the US fair without it and what’s providing the state economy with such a boost? Californian Economy vs Other […]

Atlantic vs Pacific: The Worlds Deadliest Oceans

Atlantic vs Pacific

We have all heard of the Bermuda Triangle, and no doubt we have all heard stories about big shipwrecks and other maritime disasters. But just how dangerous are the world’s oceans and what is the most dangerous? What are the World’s Most Dangerous Oceans? The Pacific Ocean is one of the deadliest in the world, […]