Drunk Driving vs Drink Driving: Penalties, Effects and More

drunk driving vs drink driving

What’s the difference between drunk driving vs drink driving? Is there one? Will you get in more trouble for drunk driving than drink driving, or vice versa? Let’s look at the difference between drunk driving and drink driving, and find out! What is Drunk Driving? Most of our readers come from the United States. But […]

Probate vs Will: Key Differences and How it Changes Things

probate vs will

It’s always unfortunate when someone passes away. It’s even more unfortunate when those left behind aren’t quite sure what comes next. No, not “next” as in an afterlife. “Next” as in probate vs will. What’s the difference between probate and a will? What are the family members of the deceased supposed to do? Let’s explore […]

Law vs Theory: Differences, What is What and More

Remember fifth grade science class? You had to present a scientific theory to the class. Then you had to use insane amounts of poster board and other office supplies to try to prove it. You may or may not have covered law vs theory back in grade school. But it can be useful to know […]