How Many Appeals Result in Reversals? 2018 Stats

How Many Appeals Result in Reversals

The US legal system is one of the most complex in the world. It serves a huge population, it changes on a state-by-state basis and in many of those states the law of capital punishment exists. All of this creates a system that is far more intricate than any other system in the world. And […]

How Many Innocent People Have Been Executed in the US?

How Many Innocent People Have Been Executed in the US?

  One of the arguments that raises its head during the death penalty debate is the fact that we don’t always know with absolute certainty that the accused committed the crime. Even if that person confesses, you can’t be sure that they weren’t forced into that confession, or they weren’t under great mental stress when […]

Transgender Rights in the United States of America

Transgender Rights

In 2017 Danica Roem wrote her self into the US history books when she became the first openly transgender state lawmaker. It represented a big moment for the community, but it was one of the few positives in what became a very negative year. President Trump threatened to repeal Obamacare, which many transgender people rely […]

Harassment vs Bullying: Differences and Definitions

Harassment vs Bullying

The world is less tolerant of harassment and bullying than ever. From the workplace to the school playground, this behavior is finally getting the bad press it deserves, it is finally being brought to the fore and being stumped out. Or at least that’s what you could be forgiven for thinking. The truth is that the stories […]

Working in the US Versus Other Countries

Working in the US

The US seems to have some fairly good employment benefits and workers’ rights when compared to other countries. We like to moan, to pretend that even third-world countries have it better than us but surely this is not the case? In the US, you can file workers’ compensation claim should you need to and there are also many […]

The Most Common Causes of Injury in and Around the US Home

Most Common Causes of Injury

There are accidents waiting to happen around every corner, even in the home. For many of us, these won’t go beyond minor bumps and scrapes, from stubbed toes to paper cuts. But the number of serious injuries that occur everyday may actually surprise you. These are the ten most common causes of injury in the United […]

What are the Most Common Injury Lawsuits in the US?

Most Common Lawsuits

No matter what side of the fence you’re on, you can’t escape the fact that the United States is an incredibly litigious society. There are more lawyers, more lawsuits and more claims than any other country. To an extent, this is all justified, it’s a way for the little man to fight back against the […]

Domestic Violence in Northern US vs Southern US

domestic violence

If you believe your television screen, the Southern United States is filled with men who beat their spouses, right? The men walk around wearing their tank top tees and some torn jeans, just waiting for the next reason to give their spouses something to be sorry about. That’s not entirely accurate, but there’s some truth […]

Federal Law vs State Law: The Main Differences

federal law vs state law

What’s the difference between federal law vs state law? Why do some court cases get taken to the Supreme Court, while others stay in the local districts? The law is the law. Don’t murder, don’t steal and don’t bounce checks. You know how to stay out of trouble. But for those ne’er-do-wells out there who […]

US Law vs UK Law: The Differences You Did Not Know About

us law vs uk law

Right is right and wrong is wrong, right? Well, kind of. You can probably name a few obvious examples of what’s “good” and what’s “bad.” But the law sees it a bit differently. We’ve covered a few legal topics here on Versus All.  And as a result, we’ve had some questions from readers about US […]