If you have been injured in a car accident and file an insurance claim, you need some help from an attorney. The insurance company spends a lot of time and money on evaluating claims and trying to prevent as many of them as they can, so if you want to get some deserved money out of them then you need a car.

But at what point does a car accident attorney become essential? That’s the question we aim to answer in this guide.

When you Need a Car Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a car accident that was someone else’s fault and you have suffered an injury then you should look to acquire the services of a car accident lawyer immediately. In most states you are allowed to claim significant sums of money if you have been injured in a car crash, but only if you can prove that you were not at fault for that crash.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the crash needs to be the direct result of another driver. It could be that the issue lies within the car itself, or the road, or even some external factor. Simply put, if you were not a fault for the crash, then you may be able to claim and should get a lawyer on your side sooner rather than later.

There are several reasons why this is essential. Firstly, a lawyer will understand the case and the claim better and may be able to get more money with less fuss. Secondly, they will be ready to fight a case should the insurance company contest it, as they so often for.

Finally, you may admit fault without realizing it. Insurance adjusters are trained to reduce outgoings and will look for every possible angle they can find to try and minimize how much money they pay you. If you said something that suggested you were at fault during your statement to them, even if this was a slip of the tongue or the result of a misunderstanding, they could use it against you. A lawyer will try to prevent this from happening and ensure you get what is owed to you.

Why you Need a Car Accident Attorney

You can go it alone and fight the insurance company on your own. The process is certainly geared-up to allow you to do just that and they will be more than happy to let you. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

As with anything in the legal sector, you need experienced and knowledgable lawyers on your side if you want to get ahead. Going up against the insurance company to file an injury claim is like being summoned to court to defend yourself against a crime you don’t commit. On the one hand you have the truth on your side, you’re not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes and the only judgment you seek is the one that is just, fair, and right. But on the other hand you have a prosecution that will try its best to turn the tables against you or at the very least to make life easy for you.

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