Laws can be vastly different across the United States and in many ways it’s like 50 different countries all located in close proximity. But nowhere are these laws more different than in the state of California, which likes to do things its own way.

These laws have created a unique legal system in the state, from criminals who live in fear of serious justice even when they have committed relatively minor crimes, to situations that require specific injury law or an EDD lawyer. Some of the biggest differences between California and there states are:

Strict Gun Laws

California borders Arizona, which is often said to be one of the best (and even the best, according to many polls) states for gun owners. However, laws in California are a far cry from their neighbors as they have some of the strictest gun laws in the United States.

They banned assault rifles in 1989 and were the first state to do so. To put this into perspective, the UK, which is considered by Americans to have very tight gun laws, allowed the purchase of handguns up until 1997. In other words, California banned the sale of assault rifles a whole 8 years before the current strict UK gun laws began to take hold.

Guns can still be purchased here, but not with great ease and there are laws against certain stocks, as well as lifetime bans for those convicted of domestic violence.

Employment Laws

California has a number of strict employment laws that are geared toward creating a safer and fairer environment for employees. This has made life difficult for many corporations setting-up in the state, but generally these laws help more people than they hinder. They have their own minimum wage, which is the second highest in the nation, and there are also laws concerning overtime pay, rest periods, meals, vacations, and more.

Anti Discrimination Laws

California is very tough on discrimination and goes to great lengths to punish those responsible for it, which is always nice to see. These laws apply to individuals as well as companies, and they can be found at the heart of many industries, including the insurance industry, with companies warned that they can’t discriminate based on sexual preference or marital status.

Trade Laws

California has a huge population, one that is growing all of the time, and this means there are many more workers than there are jobs. This is perhaps most notable in the legal sector, where the bar is set very high for graduates, with a huge 60% being rejected every year.

Simply put, California has a massive demand for lawyers, but there are also many more applying to be a lawyer than ever before, so they can afford to set the bar high. On the plus side, it likely means that they have some of the most dedicated and knowledgable lawyers in the country.

It’s a similar story across many other industries, particularly in the tech sector, where developers and skilled coders are a dime a dozen, making it hard for new talent to rise through the ranks.

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