Bike Accidents vs Car Accidents

You’ve heard that it’s safer to travel by plan than car, right? In fact, while your chance of dying in a car crash is 1 in 84, your chance of dying in air or space is 1 in 5,051. But what about bike accidents vs car accidents? Motorcycles to cars? Let’s take a look at the statistics, and what’s safest.

Bike Accidents vs Car Accidents

Your odds of dying in a bike-related accident are 1 in 4,919. Compare that to car accidents and you’re pretty much guaranteed safe. The most common types of accidents for cyclists include being struck by a right-turning vehicle as you’re trying to cross the road, crashing your bike into the opening door of a vehicle and being “nudged” by a car passing you on your left.

All things considered, commuting to work on your bicycle is pretty darn safe as long as you:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Wear reflective gear
  • Use proper lighting at night
  • Use common sense

You’re more likely to die from falling than you are a bicycle accident (a 1 in 171 chance).

Motorcycle Accidents vs Car Accidents

Since we’ve been talking about actual death by vehicle, let’s look at motorcycle accidents vs car accidents. Statistically, there’s a much higher probability that you’ll die in a car accident than in a motorcycle accident. Riding a motorcycle carries a 1 in 770 chance of death.

However, that’s not always cut and dry. For instance, consider this: there are more people who drive cars than motorcycles. That said, it’s much more likely, purely by the sample of the population, that you’ll get have a car wreck.

Let’s look at it another way. In August in Utah, you’re more likely to be killed by a horse than a motorcycle. In Chicago? Probably not. It’s all relative.

Factors Influencing Vehicle Safety

There are some pretty black and white factors that impact your safety, whether you’re riding a bicycle, a motorcycle or driving a car. Most are common sense. For instance, alcohol or substance impairment will obviously play a role. Wearing a seatbelt, a safety helmet and reflective gear will also keep you safe.

Vehicle maintenance plays a large part in ensuring your safety. Even proper tire pressure can keep you clear of a wreck, no matter what you drive.

Regardless of your preferred mode of transportation, it’s critical to use your brain. Vehicle accidents are no joke – around 40,000 people die every year in auto crashes in the United States alone. There are about 840 bicycle deaths each year in the US. And there are around 4,000 motorcycle deaths each year.

Each is serious, and even if you survive the accident, there’s a good chance you’ll need medical or legal help. Click here to see an example of what a motorcycle injury attorney can do for you.

In short, play it safe. You certainly can’t take a private jet to work every day (unless you can) so the best bet is to use your common sense. Buckle up, don’t drive under the influence and, for heaven’s sake, put the phone down while you’re on the road.

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