Biggest Family Lawsuits

When marriages breakdown, chaos ensures. Kids lose out, couples go from love to hate, and everything that they have spent tier adult lives building can be broken apart in a matter of weeks.

Mediation and legal advice is key during this time and many couples find that they are able to arrive at an amicable solution that satisfies all parties involved. But some family lawsuits have tipped the balance completely in one direction and have left some members of the family group massively out of pocket.

Michael Jordan Pays $168 Million

One of the biggest celebrity divorce settlements in the history of the United States occurred when Michael Jordan was forced to pay $168 million to his ex wife Juanita.

Their marriage broke down and by 2007 they were the subject of countless rumors as they battled their way through the courts. Juanita also received a sizable amount of assets, including real estate, jewelry and more.

These days Michael Jordan’s net worth has been estimated at over $1.5 billion, so it’s fair to assume that the divorce didn’t hurt his finances too much.

Tiger Woods Pays $750 Million

The amount that Michael Jordan was forced to pay his wife pales in comparison to the amount that Tiger Woods had to cough-up when his private life, and all the infidelity that allegedly went along with it, was exposed.

He allegedly had affairs with dozens of women and was the subject of a lot of tabloid gossip. It affected his game, forcing him to spend some time off the course and to struggle when he finally made it back on, and there were also stories of his then wife attacking him and his car.

In the end he coughed-up $750 million as part of a huge divorce settlement and he was also asked to agree not to take unmarried women home when his children were there.

Rupert Murdoch Pays Over $2 Billion

Sports stars clearly make for good family law clients, but business owners have been known to pay even larger settlements and one of the largest ever paid was by Rupert Murdoch, a media mogul who owns some of the biggest newspapers in the world.

Murdoch was married for a total of 32 years, before he was alleged to have cheated on his wife. His former partner took a whopping $2 billion in assets, which included over $100 million in cash. It’s a huge sum, but a fair one when you consider how much of a role she played in his life (and likely his success) over the years.

Russian Billionaire Pays More Than $4 Billion

The biggest ever divorce settlement was paid by Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, who was alleged to have cheated on his long-time wife. After a lengthy court battle he was ordered to pay over $4 billion, instantly making his wife one of the richest women in the world and allowing her to continue to life in complete comfort while kicking his cheating ass to the kerb.

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