Baseball vs Cricket

Ever wondered what the differences are with cricket vs baseball? Which game is more popular, which game attracts the biggest audience, and how similar are these two games? We aim to get to the bottom of these questions in this cricket vs baseball guide.

We make a lot of strange comparisons here on Versus-All and we do it because you have asked us about them. These articles exist because a few of our readers have requested them and because, at one point or another, they have genuinely struggled to make these comparisons themselves. We get that with snooker vs pool and with football vs soccer, but it’s less obvious with cricket vs football.

Still, you asked so we have answered.

Baseball vs Cricket

You might ask why cricket players wear so much padding when baseball players don’t. Why they look like an over-cautious biker in white-washed motorcycle gear (see more here). It’s not because they are scared of the slightest pain. In fact, several cricket players have died playing the game because the ball is incredibly hard, much more so than a baseball. If it hits in the right place, it can kill, and this is why the padding is worn.

Padding is only worn by the batsmen though. The fielders do not wear padding and while they can wear gloves, they often choose to go gloveless.

The aim of both sports is similar. A bowler bowls, a batter hits, and a team of fielders try to catch and get them out straight away, or to limit the amount of runs scored. The difference is that a batter is out when they have three “Strikes” in baseball, whereas in cricket they are out only when the ball is caught without bouncing or when the wickets behind them are toppled.

Both sports require a mixture of short bursts of running, great catching ability and strong upper-body strength for hitting. The bats are much different though. In baseball they are light and swung from the hip. In cricket they are very heavy and begin by resting next to the batter’s legs.

Baseball vs Cricket: Popularity

Baseball is a obviously a much bigger game in North America and parts of Asia, but cricket is huge in many other countries. It is a major sport in England, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. When you factor in the vast population of some of these countries, and the love those populations have for this game, cricket is much more popular than baseball.

For some reason, people who love cricket don’t always convert to baseball and those who love baseball often struggle with cricket. To an outsider who loves faster-paced sports, both games are slow, both are very similar and this lack of cross-over action doesn’t make much sense.

It’s different for those who like the games though. To someone who loves baseball, cricket is as different to their favorite sport as football is to soccer. To someone who prefers cricket, baseball is seen as too long-winded and too basic.

It’s just one of those things and it’s the reason why baseball will probably never make it big in India and cricket will likely never make it big in the United States. We’ve also heard from people living in the Southern American states who complain that the cricket attire is too much for all of that heat and that it is better suited to the cold of England. To some extent, that makes sense, but doesn’t explain why cricket is popular in India and Australia, which can get just as hot as a Texan summer.

Baseball vs Football

Baseball vs Football

There are many differences between the game of baseball and football. There isn’t much point in doing a full comparison of baseball vs football, because we’re sure you know what the differences are. One game begins at a line of scrimmage and involves using an oval ball to run, catch and gain yards, while the other involves hitting a small ball as far as possible.

But what game is more popular? Well, 46 percent of Americans say that their favorite sport is football, which makes it the most popular sport in the United Stares. 11 percent of these favor college football, while the rest are all for the NFL.

Only 14 percent voted for Major League Baseball, which is the main baseball league. This is enough to make it the second most popular league and sport, but it still lags someway behind football.

As for baseball vs football popularity outside of North America, it’s NFL all of the way (see Rugby vs Football to learn more). The Super Bowl is recognized throughout Europe, Australia and many parts of Asia, and there are significant NFL fanbases in countries like the UK, Scandinavia and more. The MLB World Series, on the other hand, is not well known and baseball is generally not appreciated.

So, in terms of popularity for baseball vs football, it’s football all of the way.

Baseball vs Football (Soccer)

As far as baseball vs soccer goes, the differences are just as many as baseball vs football. The ball is round and there are two teams, but that’s about where the similarities end. There are 9 players per team in baseball and 11 in soccer, with the actual squad sizes being much more.

Soccer games always last for 90 minutes plus a 15 minute break at half time and some injury time at the end of both half; baseball games can last for more than 3 hours and there is no strict timing.

You use up more energy and burn more calories playing soccer, but you need more upper body strength to play baseball. As for popularity, baseball is limited to North America and to parts of East Asia, whereas soccer is played all over the world and is a first sport (the sport played the most) in many countries.

The population of the United States is huge, of course, so 14% of US citizens accounts for a significant number of fans. However, once you add the small proportion of soccer fans in hugely populated countries like India and China, as well as the huge number of fans across Europe, Africa and South America, it’s clear that soccer is the bigger sport.

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