Atlantic vs Pacific

We have all heard of the Bermuda Triangle, and no doubt we have all heard stories about big shipwrecks and other maritime disasters. But just how dangerous are the world’s oceans and what is the most dangerous?

What are the World’s Most Dangerous Oceans?

The Pacific Ocean is one of the deadliest in the world, much more so than the Atlantic, but it’s a specific part of it that takes the most lives and causes the most catastrophes: the south China Sea.

The South China Sea is tiny by comparison to the whole Pacific, but it is very active. A third of all ships that set sail every year pass through it, and it is essential for feeding China and the whole of Southeast Asia. This activity and the fact that it can be very rough has lead to the South China Sea becoming the most dangerous sea in the world.

The East Indies is also very dangerous and between them these two seas account for a significant portion of the total maritime disasters and deaths, with nearly 300 disasters occurring in the first decade of the new millennium.

The Black Sea, which borders the Atlantic, is also very dangerous and is one of the top five most dangerous seas in the world today. It is also one of the least explored, with a world of discoveries awaiting anywhere who dares to take a dip into this vast sea.

Another part of the Atlantic that causes sailors great distress is the North Sea, located around the British Isles. It is cold, it is harsh, and during the winter months it can be out of control. The Vikings managed to traverse this sea many hundreds of years ago, but today even modern sailors struggle and many have lost their lives attempting it.

Are the Oceans Dangerous?

The odds of you dying at sea are very low. Millions of ships set sail every year and very few of these will actually encounter any serious issues. When they do it tends to make big news, which is why we hear about it, but discounting the occasional catastrophic disaster the odds of dying at sea on a sail boat or cruise ship are pretty slim.

And as with air travel, your odds are even smaller if you travel with big commercial boats. Not only are they very secure and well maintained, but they are also required to be fitted with lifeboats and emergency rescue procedures to ensure there is an escape even if the worst case scenario does occur.

Maritime Injuries to Modern Insurance

It is important to remember that insurance as we know it today would not exist if not for maritime trade, as this is where its early roots can be found. Lloyds of London began offering insurance for lost cargos and damaged ships and from there it became something that was also offered on life, possessions and more.

Today, maritime injuries and insurance is still a multi-billion dollar industry. There are many lawyers who specialize in this industry, such as Shlosman Law Firm, and many insurers who still offer policies to traders and seafarers.

It plays an important role in our history because once we learned how to cross the seas and start trading with other countries and cultures, we broke down boundaries.

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