We’re beginning to feel like a narcissistic online dating profile, as we’ve already discussed ourselves at length on the Versus-All home page. Still, these pages exist for a reason, and apparently there is more that you can know about us. Whether you would actually want to is a different matter.

On this page you will find information about sponsorship and our purpose. You will also find info on the many writers, researchers and other people who work to keep the content ticking over on this website.

Who We Are

We don’t really need to be anonymous here. Still, it makes us feel important, so we have reduced all of the workers on the Versus-All website to a single letter. It adds to the mystery and it makes the writers feel less shitty about their lives.

  • PJ: The most important person on the Versus-All website (that’s why he gets two letters) PJ is the webmaster, owner, editor and curator. He doesn’t write as many of the site’s articles as he would like as he is often tied up with his editing and researching duties. But there are entertainment articles out there written by him.
  • M: One of the first writers to get onboard with the Versus-All project, M, who we like to call Ms Moneypenny around the Versus-All offices (not really) is responsible for many of the grammar articles. She is an English lit expert and a self-proclaimed grammar nazi, which helps to keep the rest of us reckless writers on track.
  • S: One of our most prolific writers, S has written in all categories and continues to provide content for the site. She is primarily tasked with using her imagination and her wit to write articles that make assumptions, draw bizarre comparisons, and review niche products. She also writes occasional English language articles and other standard articles for the site.
  • P: One of the least productive writers for the site, P likes to pretend that she takes her time because she likes to get every fact right and makes sure every sentence is perfect. But we’ve seen her Facebook page. You don’t get 2,000+ friends and make 20+ posts a day from being a workaholic. You will see less of P’s work than other writers, but her love of cat videos might randomly expose itself.
  • A: The site’s developer and all-round guru, A is the hero of Versus-All and one of the hard working guys who brought all of this together. He is like the tech support guy we all go to when we can’t turn the computer on. He has fielded all of our requests and he has made everything you see on this site work.

Joining Versus-All

Right now, we’re not really looking for another writer/letter to join our ranks. We have a fairly small team, and as soon as P pulls her finger out and leaves the cat videos alone, we’ll actually have more productivity than we can handle (that’ll be the day).

Still, if you like what we have going on her and you want to join us now or in the future, then we would be happy to take a look. We get a lot of requests, so we can’t do much with, “I’d like to join you”. You’re going to have to do a little more work than that.

If you’re interested, just send us a brief bio and writing sample. You can send us a link to your website or blog; or you can paste it directly into the message. To send this, just take a look at our Contact page. You will find the details you need there.

Bear in mind that we can’t respond to all enquiries that we receive. We did try in the beginning, but then things got weird (you guys are messed up. Yes, I’m looking at you) so we had to rein it in. We will therefore only get in touch if we want you to come aboard.

Media Enquiries

Do you want to place your banner on the Versus-All website? Do you want us to write a comparison article about your product, your service or your website? Would you like to discuss a collaboration with the website? We would be happy to hear from you if so.

Just use the contact form linked above to get in touch and then make sure you choose the relevant section. As mentioned on this contact form, we are not interested in any affiliate programs. We can discuss a sponsorship program and we can discuss many other things, but we like to choose our affiliates carefully and random messages from affiliate managers is not a good way to go.

All requests for affiliate programs will have to be ignored because of this. But if you have a genuine request regarding sponsorship then we will respond to your message as quickly as we can.

What is Versus-All (Again)

We have already explained who we are and what we do on the Versus-All homepage, but it’s time to repeat ourselves here.

Versus-All is an entertainment site as well as a review site. The first goal of this site is often to entertain, but there are times when that’s just not possible. We can tell you jokes when we’re comparing cars like Ford vs Chevy; we can make light of potential World Wars when we’re discussing powerful countries and–sometimes even more powerful–companies, but we have to rein it in when we’re telling you about English grammar.

So, Versus-All is neither one nor the other. It is a mixture of the two and you’ll find a decent balance across the whole site. You will also find comparisons and “Versus” articles on everything you could possibly think of. There are categories for the boring stuff like Law and English Grammar, and there are categories for Software, Gaming, Entertainment and more.

Whatever your thing is, you’ll find it on Versus-All.