Welcome to Versus All, your new review, entertainment and comparison site! This site takes a unique look at the products you use every day, providing you with the information that you need, while also throwing an exciting and fictional slant on everything.

Versus All is the best site out there for finding answers to comparison related questions such as “Xbox or Playstation”, Chevy or Ford“, “Pages or Word and more, all of which are worded using the “Vs” and “Versus” slant. For the most part these articles are reviews and comparisons, but there is a diverse range of articles on this site and they have been written by writers with a diverse range of talents, so no two sections and no two articles are the same.

What Does Versus Mean?

The word “Versus” essentially means “against” or “as opposed to”. It is primarily used in sports to show one team are playing another, but it is also used when comparing things. That’s one of the main reasons we use it here on Versus All, but it’s not the only one.

The word versus comes from the latin word “Vertere”, which means something along the lines of “to turn”, in the sense of “to turn against” or “to oppose”. “VS” is similar an abbreviation of this word. In our experience (coming from someone who has researched this topic extensively) people who “vs” far more often than they use “Versus”.

The different uses of this word, and the many sections of the Versus All site, include:

Theoretical Wars and Fictional Battles

Ever wondered who would win in a battle between the United States and China? What about Superman and Batman? Okay, so the last one was resolved on the big screen, but our resolution will be a little less disappointing and will make more sense. Plus, we won’t insist that you sit through 2 hours of plot holes and over-acting in order to get there.

This section of the Versus All website is all about fictional war. We use the term “vs” in a very literal sense as we pit one person, one country or one organization against another. We let our writers have fun with this section, and they do just that. So, expect opinions, expect jokes, but expect a lot of real statistics and research thrown in for good measure.

In our China vs United States article, for instance, we don’t tell you that the US will win because they are the “greatest country on earth”. That’s not how we roll. Firstly, this site is not run by American writers. We hail from all four corners of the world and we have many different tastes and beliefs, so we’re not biased. Secondly, we like to use actual statistics to show how such battles might transpire.

Entertainment Battles

These “battles” are a mixture of the two mentioned above. These are where you will find battles like “Xbox vs Playstation” and “Apple vs Samsung”. They are comparison articles in that our goal is to provide reviews and to help you decide which is better. But they are also out-and-out battles in the sense that we know how devoted you guys are to one of these and we want to muscle in on the little wars you have going and offer our own opinions.

We will focus on the graphics, the power and the reviews of certain consoles to tell you which the best one really is. We’ll look at income, customer satisfaction and brand recognition to tell you which company is the best. And when it comes to battles between certain products, then we will compare the two in a way that you want us to, telling you about the hardware, the software, and much more.

Grammar Guides

To many of you, this will be one of the least exciting sections of the Versus All website, but it’s also an essential one. Ever wondered what the difference between “Then” and “Than” was? What about “Effect” and “Affect”? Most of you will have a good idea already, but you have to learn somehow, so for the people out there who have yet to make it to that stage, this section can help.

Our writers are skilled professionals and English language experts, so they can guide you through the differences in a way that is entertaining and will not bore you into wanting to give up on the English language altogether. There are many different articles in this section, so regardless of what issue you are struggling with, you will find the answers you seek here.

Software Comparisons

This is probably going to be a little less interesting than fictional battles between superheroes and superpowers, but it’s probably going to be a little more useful. In these articles we will compare operating systems like Linux vs Ubuntu and word processing software like Word vs Pages.

These days there is an app for everything and there seems to be a complete software package for everything as well. Add in the different operating systems, devices and more, and you have a world of similar software, generic programs and chaos for the consumer. In this section we will try to make it a little easier for you to find the best of the best by comparing software that seems similar, but has a few key differences.

Get Involved with Versus All!

If you want to get involved with Versus All and write some fictional battles or comparisons yourself, then there’s nothing stopping you! We welcome everyone who has the commitment, the desire and the writing ability.

To learn more about how to write for this new and exciting entertainment, review and comparison site, simply check out our Contact page. We look at all submissions that follow our rules (don’t worry, these aren’t very strict) and we pay the writers that meet our grade.

We may also be able to accept guest posts. We can’t pay for these though and we will need to insist that the site being linked to is relevant and is of a higher or equal quality to the Versus All site.